Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

Yes, Eric and I have been married for more than 3 years, but October 31st was our 3-year RV Anniversary!  I vividly remember picking up our new Columbus 320RS on Halloween.  We drove to Mississippi to Country Creek RV early that day in order to have time to sign all of the paperwork and do the much-needed PDI (aka tell me what all the crap in my RV does.)  We had spent the previous 3 months living in a furnished beach house on Dauphin Island after selling our house in August, and we were very excited to pick up our new little home on wheels.

As we pulled off the lot, our life as we knew it changed.  We were hungry after a long day but could no longer just whip through a drive-thru on our way home, and Eric wasn’t interested in trying to park our 36-foot home in a parking lot on its maiden voyage.  I remember thinking, “What in the world have we gotten ourselves into?”  Have we really just downsized from 3500 sq. feet to about 300?  Have we really decided to not only travel in a fifth wheel, but live in it full-time as well?  Eric had never even slept one night in anything but a pop-up tent!  We had no expectations or ideas about what it would be like, but we knew we were willing to take the leap of faith for a new and exciting life.

And boy have the last 3 years been just that!  We both quit our careers, we bought an online business that sells RV technology, and we hit the road!  We’ve traveled over 40,000 miles the past 3 years, spent time in 40 different states (and Canada),  and visited 18 National Parks. We’ve covered all four corners of the US from California to Washington State to Maine, Florida, and back. We have met so many great people and made some of the best friends ever.  There are so many people living the same dream we are out here, and we have loved becoming a part of the awesome RV community!

So what does the next 3 years hold for us?  More RVing, that’s for sure!  We still have so many things to see and places to visit, and we love the constant change of scenery.  Maybe one day we will stop moving as much and choose some of our favorite places to stay for longer periods of time, but for now, bring on the open road!

Driving the Oregon Coast

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