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The Let Go Life is about letting go of the things that keep you from doing what you dream about.  What does this mean? For us this was about going through a process of determining what was important to us in life, what we were passionate about, what was fun to us, and then determining what was holding us back from doing those things.

At the time that this process started for us we enjoyed spending time together and with our kids doing things like fishing on our boat and hanging out by the water. We enjoy being outdoors, exploring different areas, going to amusement parks, and going out to eat at new places. What we began to realize is that in our spare time we did not do these things at the frequency that we would like to. Weeks and weeks and weeks would go by and we would not take the boat out, or even go for a walk in a different place. We would talk about it, but then it would not happen. This brought up the question, “Why not?”  What is keeping us from doing the things that we want to do? For us, we realized it was keeping up with a large yard and a 3600 square foot house. Two of our kids were off to college and our daughter was only with us every other weekend, so for the most part it was just us. Even when we did go out in the boat we felt a weight of what was waiting for us back home to do: cut the grass, clean the house, special projects, etc…  This is when it hit us. The house was on the list of things that were keeping us from doing what we really wanted to do.  So now what? Get rid of the house? Get rid of all of our stuff that we had amassed over the years? The answer for us was a resounding “YES!” After much conversation we decided that we did not need a lot of space and that we did not need all the stuff. So this is where our journey begins and the point that we decided to start this blog. Selling our stuff, selling the house, and moving into a 5th wheel RV that we will be able to put close to the water at all times.  Getting rid of the things that are holding us back so that we can do more of what we want to do. Obviously this one change will not solve all of life’s problems, and will actually create other issues that we will have to deal with, but it does get us closer to our goal. Since we sold everything and moved into a 5th wheel in October of 2015, we have since quit out jobs, purchased a business to run from the road, and transitioned to a Class A RV. Our business is TechnoRV,  an online store that provides technology for RVers. This blog explores our current journey and past experiences that led us to this point (raising a blended family, Tami surviving cancer, quitting our jobs, running a business from the road, and much more) and also deals with other things in life that hold us back from our dreams such as fear, debt, pressure from society to conform, our careers,  and the many things that are sure to come..

What is it for you? Each person is different and will have to answer this question for themselves. We are here to encourage, expose our lives, and answer questions in hopes to help others  that may be asking themselves “What do I enjoy doing and what keeps me from doing it?” In other words, how can you start living The Let Go Life?



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