Our Family

Six Flags 2014

The Johnsons at Six Flags to celebrate Ally’s 16th birthday and Tyler’s 21st birthday ~ April 2014

Married in 2003, Eric and I combined our families into one big blended family.  At the time, I had one 10-year old son named Tyler that would live with us full time, and he had one 9-year old son named Ryley and one 5-year old daughter named Ally that would visit us on the weekends.  Fast forward fourteen years and we have made it, but not without many, many lessons learned along the way…both good and bad.

We have added one more member to our family since getting married, and I think we would all agree, he is our favorite member of the family…our English Bulldog, Lincoln.  He is 12 and is the light of my life.  He loves the outdoors and loves being on the water – just not IN it.


Tami and Lincoln

Lincoln celebrating his birthday on Sand Island


December 2014, Dinner at Ruth's Chris for Eric's graduation.

December 2014, Dinner at Ruth’s Chris for Eric’s graduation.




  2 comments for “Our Family

  1. Alex Vadeboncoeur
    March 18, 2019 at 1:38 am

    Hello Johnson family!
    I was wondering how Lincoln handles the heat of full time RV life. I also have an English bulldog, Howard, and we are considering living full time on the road. How do you keep him cool and from overheating. The biggest hurdle we face now is making sure Howard can live comfortably and not cost a fortune running the generator all the time. Do you guys do any Boondocking? Thanks for your expertise!

    • May 4, 2019 at 7:26 pm

      Hi Alex! Lincoln did very well on the road, but we didn’t boondock much unless we were in cooler areas. We usually were in cooler temps than he was used to in Mobile and he loved it! Honestly, he was the best RV dog ever because he never minded being left while we ran out. He would sleep most of the day away if we let him. Now, he was an older bulldog, and he wasn’t as chill in his younger days. Not sure how old Howard it. 🙂 Sadly, we lost Lincoln last month at age 14. He traveled to 48 states with us and had a fabulous time! I know Howard will too!

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