March 2017 – RV Shows, More Cacti, and the Grand Canyon!

We were on the home stretch of RV shows for the 1st quarter of the year. The bonus to getting through it was that we were taking a break from RV shows until August to see a LOT of National Parks.

We started the Month in Tucson where we got to hang out with Melissa and Chuck from Nantucket. They visit Arizona for the winters and so it was good timing.  We walked a good number of desert trails and saw the landscape first hand.  Before our first show we did our first Harvest Host at a local dairy farm. We had a upfront view (and smell) of the finest cattle in the area. It was super cool, and we will be enjoying many more Harvest Host sites in our travels.  Lincoln was a big hit with the cows!


The FMCA show was the busiest FMCA show we have ever attended. The show was in Chandler, AZ, and I am pretty sure FMCA was not expected or prepared for the number of people that showed up. We did very well this week as far as sales, and we decided to treat ourselves to a nice steak dinner at Shula’s. Pretty good, but we are still Ruth’s Chris fans. Also, in true Arizona form, it was the dustiest week we have experienced to date.  Once FMCA was over we made our way back to Tucson for the Escapade rally. The Escapees is one of our favorite stops, and it did not disappoint. It is always busy and the have the best vendor hosts, Lanny and Jack. Luckily we stocked just enough inventory to complete a perfect ending to the first quarter show season, very little left overs!

While in Arizona we went to the Biosphere2 at the recommendation of some traveling friends. This is one of those things that is worth seeing if you are in the area, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go see it.


Now that show season was over is was off to the Grand Canyon! We stayed at the KOA in Williams and decided to take the train from Williams into the Grand Canyon area. I would for sure recommend this as a way to see the Grand Canyon. First, the train ride is very cool and takes you through some cool country land, and who doesn’t like trains! Once the train arrives at the Grand Canyon you have about 4 hours to do whatever you want to do before the train departs to take you home. For us, 4 hours was plenty to see the Grand Canyon. While it is stunning and impressive, once you see it from a few angles, and walk some of the rim it all starts to look the same.   The wind was horrible while we there – 35 mph sustained with 50 mph gusts.  We were a nervous wreck walking on the edge of the rim, and thought we were going to witness a death before we left for sure with all the daredevils getting right on the edge!  Back to Williams, and we got SNOW at the RV. Pretty cool for a couple of southerners, and it wasn’t too bad.


Well, off to the month of April.  Utah, here we come!



For more of our May photos, click here for our May Google Photo Album.

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