February 2017 – Boot Camp and Fun in the Desert

The beginning of February, was the day we pulled out of Quartzsite, finally!

The Quartzsite RV show was just not our thing. Nine straight days of hell in a giant tent. Long hours, cold mornings, and more dust than you could ever clean up after.

After Quartzsite we headed to Congress, AZ to the North Ranch RV park for the Escapees Boot Camp. Escapees has asked us to be Boot Camp presenters so we needed to actually go through Boot Camp. We met a lot of people and learned a lot about the Boot Camp process.

From here we went to Tucson to get our yearly service work done at the Lazy Days. The Lazy Days KOA is very nice. Apparently February is the perfect time to to pick fruit from the fruit trees in the park. The entire KOA is covered in Grapefruit, orange, and Lemon trees, and the park encourages guest to pick as much as they want. Some of the biggest lemons, and juiciest grapefruits we have ever had.

Lincoln got a little sick in Arizona and we took him to the local Vet Clinic and they did a good job getting him all fixed up.

The Tucson area was the first close up look we had at the Saguaros in the area. We went to the Saguaro National Park and it was a very different environment than we are used to. Luckily with it being February it is a nice 70 degrees outside, we hear Summers in Arizona can be a bit toasty.

One of the best treats of the month was that a friend of ours that we met on the road, Chuck, happened to be in Tucson and we all went to the top of Mount Lemmon. It was 75 degrees when we left Tucson, and by the time we got to the top of Mount Lemmon it was snow everywhere. Elevation can have that effect.

I rented a Harley Davidson one day and road to the top of Kit Mountain to see the Kit Observatory. Chuck has a BMW bike that he keeps with him on the road and so this was a boys trip, Tami stayed back for the day.

Chuck plays guitar so we got to see him play many times at the bar at the KOA. They basically pay him to come there each Winter and play, pretty nice gig.

We picked up my new Haibike in Tucson, since my other bike got totaled by another car. Love the Haibike, it’s a beast.

What the heck is this cruising down the road in Tucson?

On to March….

Eric Johnson

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