The San Diego Trip

IMG_0869Last month we saw a lot of the northeast including Philly, Boston, Nantucket, Cape Cod, and what a great time it was! This month we went to the extreme other side of the states and were in San Diego, California. We went there with Ally as she had a modeling event to attend. While that was the purpose of the trip, we couldn’t wait to see the attractions in the area. We stayed our first few days on Coronado Island. This is a very cool vibe – small island with lots of personality. The oddest thing was there were flamingos walking around the front door of the hotel! Those are some odd looking birds. We ate at a place called Nicky Rottens, and while the name could use a little work, the hamburgers were excellent. Coronado Island had excellent beach views, and people would build fires (firewood for sale right on the beach) on the beach and lay back for the evening. Coronado also has a great downtown area with lots of live music and cool restaurants.

DSC_0043After staying on Coronado Island for a couple of days, we went and stayed in San Diego. The weather was a perfect 78 degrees with low humidity. We decided that while we were here we should go to the world famous San Diego Zoo. We have not been to a zoo in a while and this one is better than any we have been to. Lots of elephants -Tami’s favorite – and tigers, leopards, polar bears, koala bears, and their exclusive panda bears. I won’t list everything else they have, but it seemed like every species you could imagine made an appearance. We took lots of pictures, and can now say we did it. Everyone should go at least once, and for us, once is enough.

Enjoying dinner in La Jolla Beach, San Diego Beach, CA

Maybe the coolest part of the trip was La Jolla Beach, and you can imagine how I said it the first time I saw it (pronounced La Hoya). This small town is on the edge of a cliff that oversees beautiful beaches and the Pacific Ocean. We are not use to seeing seals/sea lions, but they were everywhere. We were literally a few feet from these interesting looking animals. We ate at a restaurant that overlooked the cliffs and it was amazing. I took it that it was an upscale kind of place since I saw 2 Bentleys, a Rolls Royce, and a few Ferraris. We were in our rental car – I think a Kia Sportage. Anyway, La Jolla Beach is somewhere I would want to go again and spend more time. It was a friendly place with lots of scenery, restuarants, bars, small gift shops, and of course, seals.

This was a great trip, and the highlight for Ally was that she got interviews from a couple of big modeling agencies after walking at her event. We will make it a point to go back to this area and do some more exploring one day.



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