I’m SO tired of traveling!

Yes.  I said it.  I am sick and tired of traveling.  But not the kind of traveling that you guys might be thinking about.  Yes, I sold my house almost a year ago to make a life ALL about traveling.  We bought an RV and started making a list of all the places we wanted to visit.  Because Ally is still in school, we are having to lay low for a few more months and hang around the Mobile area, but with that being said, I don’t think we have ever traveled more than we have in the last 6 months and I am ready for a serious break!

Now the traveling we have been doing involves a plane and luggage and hotels and rental cars….not the kind of traveling I imagined when selling my stuff and settling into the life of relaxation months ago. We’ve been to Los Angeles to Boston to Nantucket to San Diego to New York.  It’s been fun, but it’s been wild! I’m so tired of scanning plane tickets and taking my shoes off and raising my arms for metal detectors (although I have found that I absolutely LOVE Einstein Bagels in the airports!)  We have actually been stopped twice and had our hands swabbed and I even had my backpack emptied completely since apparently my Lion King sippy cup from New York looked “suspicious” under the x-ray scan.

So, the perks of traveling this summer that I will actually miss now that I am home?  There are two that stand out. Really, really good food and beautiful weather.  We have eaten some seriously good food in both California and the Northeast.  I am a serious foodie and eating out is an adventure to me.  Just reading the menu in detail is part of the whole night.  I LOVE a good restaurant and we’ve had some great ones.  I might save this for another post because I am getting excited just writing this.  Yes, I’ll definitely miss the food (and the weather), even though I know we have really good food here on the coast too.

Ally and Tami about to enjoy dinner in La Jolla Beach, San Diego, CA

Enjoying dinner in La Jolla Beach, San Diego Beach, CA

Okay, so now that all of our scheduled trips are done, we will be staying “home” for the rest of the summer.  SO happy about that.  Now, we might be taking that “home” to the beach or to Lake Osprey or Dauphin Island, but that kind of traveling is so much easier.  Everything goes with you.  I don’t have to leave Lincoln (thank goodness!)  No rental cars. No suitcases.  No planes. No dumb security. Just our house with new scenery.  Now THAT is the kind of traveling I signed up for when I decided to live the Let Go Life!

Can’t wait for the rest of the summer!  Who is with me?



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