Lincoln is NOT made for camping in the woods!

Poor Lincoln is having a full-blown allergic reaction to living in the woods!

Lincoln at vet

We came home a week ago and realized he had a little bald spot on his back.  Not a huge deal, but I was a little baffled as to what caused it.  Out of convenience, Eric had bought him some crappy dog food from the grocery store a couple of days earlier (against my wishes, but that is another post altogether, haha!) because we ran out of his Royal Canine and my first thought was he was having an allergic reaction to the food.  But then I thought about it.  This is Lincoln we are talking about.  The dog eats anything and everything: avocados, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, strawberries, tofu, hummus, spinach, watermelon, crawfish…you name it!  It couldn’t be a food allergy, right?  So we watched him, gave him Benadryl and waited.  One week later and the hair kept falling out.  Now during this time, Lincoln was becoming more and more daring in the woods.  I’d go outside and call his name and he’d emerge from under some bush or large group of vines.  He was certainly being exposed to all sorts of new plants (but loving every minute of it).

Fast forward to yesterday when Eric gave him an oatmeal bath and brushed him.  Hair fell out EVERYWHERE!  He is now covered in small dots of bald spots and they are SO swollen, red and irritated.  It’s so pitiful to see, but Lincoln being the sweetheart he is never whines or acts like he is in pain – he just looks at you and wants to be loved!  He is the sweetest thing you will ever meet…seriously!   I took him to Rehm Animal Clinic this morning and they said he is definitely having a severe allergic reaction to something, They said the itching and discomfort was most likely horrible with it and it was becoming infected.  And what was Binkers doing?  Licking them and loving on them as they examined him! They gave him a huge steroid shot, treated his red swollen ears, and sent me home with medicated shampoo and antibiotics and said he should feel better in a week or so.

It’s been about 5 hours since the shot and I can already tell a huge difference in his skin.  Thank goodness for the great people at Rehm.  They are always so good about getting us in right when I call and they treat Binky like he is their own.  I can’t talk good enough about them!

Now to decide what to do about this allergy of his. He might just need to curb his Indiana Jones adventures a bit until this pollen calms down a bit!




  2 comments for “Lincoln is NOT made for camping in the woods!

  1. Anne Blair
    May 1, 2015 at 9:54 pm

    I admire your courage. I am a big bull dog lover La Bulldog Calamity Jane was one of the best pets we ever had. True to form very sweet and high maintenance we went the hot spot route from fleas. we also used the Royal Canine food because it does not have red food dye or coloring in the food. Sadly we do not have her anymore and have changed out lives to the cat nation. We do travel with all 7 and do very well in a motorhome.
    wish Phil and Tracey all the best the future can hold. Best of wishes to you also. Anne

  2. May 2, 2015 at 3:00 am

    We wish Lincoln could live forever. Glad to hear you are settled in with the cats. Thank you for the best wishes!

    Eric and Tami

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