The American Dream?

I suppose everyone has their own version of what the American dream is. For us it has taken many forms over the years, but one thing that has always stuck with us is the idea of traveling the United States. The original thought was that we would wait until we both retire at 60 or 65 years old and then hit the road and see the US. Over time we have realized that waiting feels like an eternity and we want to travel now. As you know from previous posts we have already sold our home and live full time in a 5th wheel RV, and it is getting close to time to hit the road. Obviously the idea of making money on the road is on our minds and we have had lots of ideas for that. The one area that I have been exploring is the idea of buying an existing business. This seems great if I could get a business that is already established and I can just take it over and try to grow it. There are plenty of business brokers out there and I have been searching for some businesses for sale for a while. Recently we came across a business that really peeked our interest. I did some preliminary due diligence with the broker and some phone conversations with the current owner, and I really felt this could be the one. To continue the due diligence, we flew to California to meet the owner and spend some time with him discussing the business. We recently completed a trip to South Carolina to meet the owner again, and this seems like the one. The deal is not complete so I will keep this a bit mysterious for now, but within the next week or two, hopefully I will have a announcement.

Dinner with the Mays to talk business...okay, to have fun!

Dinner with the Mays to talk business…okay, to have fun!



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