Christmas in a RV, No Problem.

Having Christmas in a RV certainly requires some organization and thoughtful planning. First the Christmas tree. If you have one at all then it needs to take up minimal space. we bought a stick of a tree that stood about 2 feet tall. This tree fit nicely on the booth table. When it came to presents we had to wait until Christmas eve to wrap everything so we did not clutter the place for weeks before Christmas. We usually do family Christmas at Tami’s parents house so nothing changed there. We did do Christmas with the 3 kids in the RV and it was a blast and plenty of room. We clean as we go and all is good.


We are still staying on Mobile Bay and it is great to meet the different people traveling through the area for Christmas. My neighbor for the last few days is in a 43 ft bus RV and is from Nantucket. He was a builder in that area and then taught shop at a local high school for 18 years. Him and his wife are going to see the South West and stopped by Mobile Bay for a few days. I offered to take them for a boat ride to see the Delta and they seem excited about that. Maybe we will go for that boat ride tomorrow.  He is also a musician which is interesting to me since I have played the guitar for a few years myself. This is a part of living this lifestyle that I like, meeting people from all over the place.

For New Years we will stay here. We are on Mobile Bay and apparently we will be able to see the fire works shows on the east and west shore.


On a side note, I finished my Master’s Degree in Human Resources on December 14. Im not sure what I am going to do with it, but for now it is done. Tami and the kids took me out to Dinner at Ruth’s Chris steak house to celebrate, lots of fun.



Christmas tree and presents


Ruth's Chris Dinner Dec 14

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