Lincoln Chasing Sand Crabs Tonight

We decided to go for a walk on the beach tonight, and Lincoln, our English Bulldog, decided to go.  It was dark outside so I brought my spot light. Of course we live at the beach since we have decided everyday should be filled with things we like to do, so it was as simple as walking outside and walking onto the beach. Lincoln was excited and although we wanted to get some power walking in we quickly realized that this trip was going to be all about Lincoln. Their were sand crabs running all over the place at the waters edge. Lincoln quickly tuned into this excitement and decided it was his mission to catch one. Of course the sand crabs are quick and agile, and Lincoln is slow and has no cardio. This combination meant that Lincoln spent his time sprinting to them, and then they would do a few juke and jive moves and Lincoln would be lost. The crabs would also run into the waves crashing onto the beach, Lincoln loved this since it meant he got to jump into the waves. Until we moved to the beach Lincoln hated the water, but since we moved here he has decided to love it. It was fun watching Lincoln have such a good time chasing crabs on the beach.

This is just another evening after work for us. Seems like a vacation everyday. we are here for 6 more weeks and then our 5th wheel RV will be in and we will decide where to go from there. One thing I do know is that we will always be somewhere that has outside activities that we love. This is living, doing what we want, when we want, and we are actually both still working at this point.  Until next time, go enjoy life.


Eric Johnson


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