Did I Make Someone Retire??

We have of course been in the preliminary stages of breaking free from the things that bind us. We have sold our house and everything we own and are staying in a rental house on a small island. We are still working, and drive about 45 minutes to work each day. Tami has already turned her notice in to her job she has had for 16 years and is going to work part time now. I am still working full-time but am hopeful that in the next year or so we can develop our business to the point that we can travel and work at the same time. Having said all of that, I have had people at work take a great interest in my not so typical lifestyle. One person in particular has been talking to me a lot about living life, and the things he would love to do. Luckily he has made a lot of money in his life and could retire at anytime. The more we talked the more he started thinking about going ahead and breaking free and living life more on his terms. He is 56 years old and as far as he had told me he would work many more years. The other day he walks in and turns his two week notice in. I was shocked. I asked if the conversations about the way I was living had anything to do with his decision and he said it certainly helped him see more clearly. I am really happy for him. Who says you have to work until you are 65 to go and really see the world and enjoy life. I am going to do it now, and the more others see me heading down this path the more interested they are in seeing what this really means. What it means is doing what you love to do, whatever that is.

Tonight when I got home from work I went kayaking with Tami and caught a big Redfish. We relaxed and watched the sun go down and then paddled back to our island rental home. Tami cooked the fish while I cleaned the fishing gear. This is truly living, we are enjoying life and I am excited about continuing to move in this direction and traveling the US soon.

We are truly doing this and it feels good. Letting go of the things that bind us so we can live the life that matters to us.


Eric Johnson

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