Catching up!

Well, we haven’t posted in 3 weeks or so. To catch everyone up, we are finally are out of the house. We had put it up for sale and within 40 days it sold. Then we sold probably 90% of everything we own, literally. We don’t own a couch, washer/dryer, yard tools, nothing! So how does it feel? Well, the process was brutal at times, but now that it is done it feels great. The weight of “Stuff” is gone. We left the house and moved into a extended stay for a few days and now we are living on Dauphin Island for the next few months in a fully furnished vacation home that we are renting. This experience is incredible. Everyday feels like a vacation even though we are working.  We wake up and sit by the water. When we get home from work we go out on the boat, walk on the beach, fish, crab, or whatever we want to do.

This is our first step to letting go. We are doing it, step one complete. House and all belongings gone, ,check! I bought the truck needed to pull the 5th wheel that we will be living in soon, and the 5th wheel will be completed in October. This is a whirlwind and layers of stress are falling off.  Letting go of the things that bind us is accomplishing what we wanted, so far. We will update more often and let everyone know where we are in the process.

Until next time.. Let Go.


Eric J.

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