Personal Possessions Almost Gone

We close on the house in 2 days and we have been working on getting rid of our personal possessions. As most of you know we are selling our house and most of our belongings and moving into a 5th wheel RV. This process has been exhausting. What I have found is that if you put a good enough price on something people will buy it. We had a garage sale! That was totally not worth it. The amount of time that we put into getting it ready, I would have much rather given it to Goodwill. Of course there is still plenty left to take to Goodwill, but for me, the garage sale is not my thing. It feels good letting our stuff go. Of course it is a difficult process to come to agreement with, but once it started it felt good. We are giving the kids a lot of items, and whats funny is that the kids will own more stuff than we do when this process is complete. I’m exhausted, but just wanted to give a quick update.



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