Wild Pack of Hyenas!!


So by now everyone knows that we are selling our house and everything we own to live full time in a 5th wheel RV. The initial reaction to this radical lifestyle change is shock and sometimes it even seems offensive to some people. After all, this goes against all societal norms. Are you serious, abandoning the typical life of working long hours to live in a house, fill it full of stuff you don’t need, to impress people you probably don’t like,  and save money until you are 65 years old!! How dare you think of such a thing. Well, the way we see it is you only live once and all the cool things you supposedly get to do when you are retired; we want to do now. I guess this idea is not for everyone and I respect that.

So here is when everyone’s tune changes.. When reality sets in that you are selling all of your stuff for really cheap, all of the sudden everyone gets supportive. The idea of getting your stuff for cheap to add to the massive amounts of stuff they already have is just irresistible.  When we got to the point that the house was sold and everything had to be gone in a few weeks you would have thought we died and everything was sitting there for the taking. It was like a wild pack  of hyenas going through my house, from family members to neighbors, to some people I didn’t even know, it was a free for all. I witnessed people racing around the house pushing each other to get to the next room first. After all, you can’t risk someone else getting that plastic flower arrangement before you do.

The next thing I realized is that everyone wanted lots of stuff, but no one had any cash with them. I am trying to be a nice guy and let them take it with the promise of paying, but what I realized is that at the end of day one about 5000 dollars worth of stuff left the house and I had no money to show for it. Now it is all family members at this point and I make the assumption they will pay up, but funny none the less.  Note to self; cash now, or you don’t take it.

It is all just a part of the exciting process. Honestly, it really feels good to see our things go. These very things seemed to be a weight keeping us from doing what we wanted in life. I hope they wont be a weight to those that take it.  The closing date for the house is only a few weeks away and we still have a good amount of stuff to get rid of. This is fun. I am excited about our next chapter of living much simpler.



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