From Homeless to Beach House

Yes, I have not put in the finalized order form for our 5th wheel that we will live in full time, yet we have to be out of our house that we just sold in 3 weeks. I am now told that it takes 8-10 weeks for the 5th wheel to be built and delivered. I was thinking we would go to an extended stay hotel for a few months, but then I had an amazing idea. An extended stay hotel would not be the right way to start off this next chapter of our lives. The right way to start it would be to stay in a vacation home for 2 months. So the search begins and ends. After looking through hundreds of options and emailing a few dozen property owners I have decided. We are going to stay on Dauphin Island for 2 months. This is a great beach community with some of the best fishing in the south. It is only about an hour from where we work so we have to accept the commute. The home we will be staying in is right on the water complete with its own boat lift. That’s right, I will put my boat on the boat lift and when I want to use it I will be off within minutes. The house is great too, and it is right across the street from the beach. After some negotiating, we will be staying there from August 10, 2014 to October 10, 2014. Hopefully by then the 5th wheel RV will be delivered and we will start our adventure as full time RVers.

Originally I thought we would be in an extended stay, that would have been misery, but now we are staying at a beach house, AWESOME!



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