Homeless for 2 Months

We close on the house in about 3 weeks. That’s right, no more house. Walking away from a chapter full of stuff and a big house into a chapter that has very little stuff and where we live full-time in a 5th wheel RV. Hard to believe this is a voluntary decision. I have heard some at work whispering about whether or not I am having marriage problems and will be moving into the camper alone, nope. I think some think maybe I am having financial problems, nope. Truth is, I don’t want to be nailed down to a house. I want my house to be able to move to different locations. I want to live life lightly so if opportunity knocks I will be able to respond quickly.

Having said all of that, I have filled out the order form for our new Columbus 320RS. Problem is that it takes 8-10 weeks to build and take delivery. The math doesn’t work. I have to be out of my house in a few weeks and my new home wont be available for 8-10 weeks. No matter how hard I stare at the equation the result is the same, we will be homeless for almost 2 months. This will be just another interesting part of our life. I would usually get stressed over something like this, but with my LET GO attitude it really doesn’t bother me. In fact, I think it may be an opportunity to get a vacation rental by the water for a few months and experience something different.

Yes, it is happening, I am selling my house and we are moving into a 5th wheel RV full-time. Can’t wait to see what this next chapter holds.



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