July 2017 – Crater Lake, Redwoods, and a Mouse in our RV!

We started July off in the best way possible. Our daughter Ally flew in from Mobile, Alabama to visit us for a week, and she chose Crater Lake and the California Redwoods as her destination of choice. It was 4th of July week so we were a bit concerned about the crowds, and like clock work, the crowds arrived in large numbers. We still made our way into Crater Lake and spent several days at different parts of this National Park. It is true what you hear: it is the bluest blue water you have ever seen.

Ally is a daredevil and wanted to go zip lining so we took her to Crater Lake Zip Lining and had a great time. I am not crazy about being on small platforms 150 ft about ground, but all in all it was a great experience with great views. After a day in the trees, we took a great food recommendation from our guide and away we went to this great place on the water.  Don’t ask me what it was called.  These things all start running together after a while.

After a few days in the Crater Lake area, we made our way to the Red Woods of California. We spent several days making our way through the park and even made the drive to the Avenue of the Giants. Reading and looking at pictures of these giants really does not do it justice.

We had a great time with Ally, and I got a free haircut since she is finishing up her cosmetology schooling.

Once Ally flew back to Mobile, we had some time to kill before we started heading East. We ended up staying at an RV park that was on a big farm called Junipers. This farm was hundreds of acres, maybe even thousands, and they did not mind the RVers exploring wherever they wanted. So one day I decided to go out for a bike ride, and as I got out on the property I quickly got lost. I had no phone signal and no GPS. I had already been gone 2 hours, and it was getting dark. At this point I had no idea where I was, and also wasn’t aware that each path I took was taking me further from the RV. Finally I came out on a road that had a few houses on it and I asked someone where the RV park was. They explained that I was a long way from it and told me how to get back. After about 15 miles of biking I made it back home just as Tami was leaving to go look for me. I didn’t get the embracing hug I was hoping for, but instead an irritated wife that thought I was dumb for getting lost. Needless to say I used this as an opportunity to buy a new technology gadget, and now I own a personal GPS unit.

Things continued to get crazy at this park. On the same night I got lost, I was getting ready for bed and I hear Tami yell “MOUSE!” That’s all I needed to hear to know I needed to move to higher ground. I knew the RV was not big enough for me, Tami, Lincoln, and a mouse. I have no idea how he got in the RV but his hiding place was under the accelerator pedal of the RV. I knew I would never be able to drive again unless I knew the mouse was gone. Tami stayed up a lot of the night mixing essential oils and other anti-mouse concoctions that she had read about on the internet. The next day, we were off to the hardware store for mouse catching supplies. We had traps, glue boards, peppermint oil, and a few other tools to catch the mouse. We were more worried about Lincoln getting the glue boards stuck to his feet than anything else. Long story short, after one night in our booby-trapped RV, the mouse met his maker. Kind of felt sorry for the little guy, but hey, it was him or me.

From here we made the 1200 mile trip to Colorado and stayed in Central City. My cousin Camille lives in Colorado Springs so it was another opportunity that traveling gave us to visit with family. Camille gave us the grand tour of the Garden of the Gods and some awesome local eats and drinks. If you are ever in Colorado Springs you have to check out the Ivy Wild School.

The day after we met my cousin I realized that an old work colleague lived in Denver, so we contacted them and went to eat dinner at a cool hamburger Joint in the Denver area. It was good to see old friends from our hometown.

Of course while we were in Central City, we took a day to go to the Rocky Mountains. It was really beautiful, but I think it may be better a month or so earlier than we were there. After my months in Montana, Washington, and Oregon, I’m accustomed to snow-covered mountains, I guess.  Rocky Mountain National Park gets a thumbs up though, and we will for sure be back to explore more.

From Colorado, we made another 1200 mile trip to Indiana to settle in for a week and get ready for the FROG rally in Goshen. We stayed at the Jellystone in Plymouth, Indiana. This is one big RV park. Most are permanent residents, but there is a section for rentals too. While here, we were across the street from a family reunion that was a week-long event. These people really know how to throw a party! Deer meat, frog legs, Corn Hole, and Bud Light! I thought I was back in Alabama. It is always great to meet nice people like this, and we seemed to fit right in.  We have now been officially invited to all future family reunions!

That is it for July, it is time for us to get to work as rallies start back up for us. FROG, here we come!

To see pictures of all our July adventures, check out our July Google Photo Album.





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